The Vassar Miscellany, Volume 39

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Vassar College., 1909

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Page 11 - ... or work of the artist's hands, or the face of one's friend. Not to discriminate every moment some passionate attitude in those about us, and in the very brilliancy of their gifts some tragic dividing of forces on their ways, is, on this short day of frost and sun, to sleep before evening.
Page 221 - Here, John, run with the crucifix and missal to the hermitage, and set the fountain going.
Page 56 - Wages: A Fair House is one in which equal pay is given for work of equal value, irrespective of sex, and in which no saleswoman who is eighteen years of age or over — and who has had one year's experience as saleswoman — receives less than $6 per week.
Page 12 - The basis of all artistic genius lies in the power of conceiving humanity in a new and striking way, of putting a happy world of its own creation in place of the meaner world of our common days, generating around itself an atmosphere with a novel power of refraction, selecting, transforming, recombining the images it transmits, according to the choice of the imaginative intellect.
Page 11 - And the function of the aesthetic critic is to distinguish, analyse, and separate from its adjuncts, the virtue by which a picture, a landscape, a fair personality in life or in a book, produces this special impression of beauty or pleasure, to 14 indicate what the source of that impression is, and under what conditions it is experienced.
Page 12 - It might have seemed the very presentment of a land of hope, its hollows brimful of a shadow of blue flowers; and lo! on the one level space of the horizon, in a long dark line, were towers and a dome: and that was Pisa. — Or Rome, was it? asked Marius, ready to believe the utmost, in his excitement.
Page 202 - At length, as the Saracenic music of the challengers concluded one of those long and high flourishes with which they had broken the silence of the lists, it was answered by a solitary trumpet, which breathed a note of defiance from the northern extremity. All eyes were turned to see the new champion which these sounds announced, and no sooner were the barriers opened than he paced into the lists.
Page 86 - It will at any rate hardly be questioned that it is unwholesome for men and women to see themselves as they are, if they are no better than they should be : and they will not, when they have improved in manners, care much to see themselves as they once were.
Page 56 - PM (with three-quarters of an hour for lunch) constitute the working day, and a general half-holiday is given on one day of each week during at least two summer months ; a vacation of not less than one week is given with pay during the summer season; all overtime is compensated for...
Page 125 - PHYSICAL CONDITIONS A Fair House is one in which work, lunch and retiring rooms are apart from each other, and conform in all respects to the present Sanitary Laws. In which the present law regarding the providing of seats for saleswomen is observed, and the use of seats permitted.

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