Poems on Various Subjects, Volume 63

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author, 1803 - 441 pages

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Page 31 - Now, my co-mates and brothers in exile, Hath not old custom made this life more sweet Than that of painted pomp? Are not these woods More free from peril than the envious court? Here feel we but the penalty of Adam, The seasons' difference, as the icy fang And churlish chiding of the winter's wind, Which, when it bites and blows upon my body, Even till I shrink with cold, I smile and say ' This is no flattery : these are counsellors That feelingly persuade me what I am.
Page 249 - The poor inhabitant below Was quick to learn and wise to know, And keenly felt the friendly glow, And softer flame ; But thoughtless follies laid him low, And stain'd his name...
Page 57 - And airy tongues that syllable men's names On sands and shores and desert wildernesses. These thoughts may startle well, but not astound The virtuous mind, that ever walks attended By a strong siding champion, Conscience.
Page 401 - A bonnet with a lofty plume, the gallant badge of war; And a plaid across the manly breast, that yet shall wear a star." "Suppose, ah! suppose, that some cruel, cruel wound Should pierce your Highland laddie, and all your hopes confound...
Page 228 - All school-days' friendship, childhood innocence ? We, Hermia, like two artificial gods, Have with our needles created both one flower, Both on one sampler, sitting on one cushion, Both warbling of one song, both in one key ; As if our hands, our sides, voices...
Page 401 - But I will hope to see him yet, in Scotland's bonny bounds; But I will hope to see him yet, in Scotland's bonny bounds. His native land of liberty shall nurse his glorious wounds, While wide, through all our Highland hills, his warlike name resounds.
Page 399 - OH, where, tell me where is your Highland laddie gone? Oh, where, tell me where is your Highland laddie gone? He's gone with streaming banners where noble deeds are done, And my sad heart will tremble till he come safely home. Oh, where, tell me where did your Highland laddie stay...
Page 399 - O WHERE, tell me where, is your Highland laddie gone? O where, tell me where, is your Highland laddie gone ? " " He's gone, with streaming banners, where noble deeds are done; And my sad heart will tremble till he comes safely home.
Page 43 - ... warriors to her breast ; And as they strove, with smiles of filial love, Their widowed parent's anguish to remove, Through her small casement broke the intrusive day, And chased the pleasing images away ! No time can e'er her banished joys restore, For ah! a heart once broken heals no more. The dewy beams that gleam from pity's eye, The
Page 400 - O where, tell me where, did your Highland laddie stay ? " " He dwelt beneath the holly trees, beside the rapid Spey; And many a blessing followed him the day he. went away.

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