The Abbey of Weyhill: A Romance; Interspersed with Poetry

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Booksellers, 1832 - 144 pages

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Page 108 - tis midnight deep. The weary clouds, Slow meeting, mingle into solid gloom. Now, while the drowsy world lies lost in sleep, Let me associate with the serious Night, And Contemplation, her sedate compeer ; Let me shake off the intrusive cares of day, And lay the meddling senses all aside.
Page 46 - Tumultuous grandeur crowds the blazing square, The rattling chariots clash, the torches glare. Sure scenes like these no troubles e'er annoy ! Sure these denote one universal joy ! Are these thy serious thoughts?
Page 7 - Cold, and averting from our neighbour's good; Then dark disgust and hatred, winding wiles, Coward deceit, and ruffian violence. At last, extinct each social feeling, fell And joyless inhumanity pervades And petrifies the heart.
Page 84 - O ! let thy friend (and may he boast the name) Breathe from his artless reed one parting lay; A lay like this thy early Virtues claim, And this let voluntary Friendship pay. Yet know, the time arrives, the dangerous time, When all those Virtues, opening now so fair, Transplanted to the world's tempestuous clime, Must learn each Passion's boist'rous breath to bear. There, if Ambition pestilent and pale, Or Luxury should taint their vernal glow; If cold Self-interest, with her chilling gale, Should...
Page 101 - The holy matins' distant hum, While the deep peal's commanding tone Should wake in yonder islet lone. A sainted hermit from his cell, To drop a bead with every knell, — And bugle, lute, and bell, and all, Should each bewildered stranger call To friendly feast and lighted hall.
Page 12 - But now I long to see his face again, Examine every feature, and find out The lineaments of DOUGLAS, or my own. But most of all I long to let him know Who his true parents are, to clasp his neck, And tell him all the story of his father. ANNA With wary caution you must bear yourself In public, lest your tenderness break forth, And in observers stir conjectures strange. For, if a cherub in the shape of woman Should walk this world, yet defamation would, Like a vile cur, bark at the angel's train To-day...
Page 117 - She doth well. In the soft bosom of that gentle maid, There dwells more goodness, than the rigid race Of moral pedants, e'er believ'd, or taught. With what amazing constancy and truth, Doth she sustain the absence of our son, Whom more than life she loves ! How shun for him, Whom we shall ne'er see more, the rich and great ; Who own her charms...
Page 133 - Now shield with shield, with helmet helmet closed, To armor armor, lance to lance opposed, Host against host with shadowy squadrons drew, The sounding darts in iron tempests flew, Victors and vanquish'd join'd promiscuous cries, And shrilling shouts and dying groans arise ; With streaming blood the slippery fields are dyed, And slaughter'd heroes swell the dreadful tide.
Page 126 - Pordita, my long-lost child, that fill'st My measure up of bliss, — tell me, mine own, Where hast thou been preserv'd ? where liv'd ? how found...

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