Castle Dangerous

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Robert Cadell, Edinburgh; and Whittaker and Company, London., 1832 - 330 pages

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Page 72 - Tis shadow'd by his cowl ; But his eyes may be seen from the folds between, And they seem of a parted soul. But beware ! beware ! of the Black Friar, He still retains his sway, For he is yet the church's heir, Whoever may be the lay. Amundeville is lord by day, But the monk is lord by night ; Nor wine nor wassail could raise a vassal To question that friar's right.
Page 328 - ... the important matters in discussion between them; and in a short time it was made generally known through Scotland, that Sir Malcolm Fleming and the Lady Margaret de Hautlieu were to be united at the court of the good King .Robert, and the husband invested with the honours of Biggar and Cumbernauld, an earldom so long known in the family of Fleming. THE gentle reader is acquainted that these are, in all probability, the last tales which it will be the lot of the Author to submit to the public....
Page 84 - It is better to hear the lark sing than the mouse cheep." The streets, or rather the lanes, were dark, but for a shifting gleam of moonlight, which, as that planet began to rise, was now and then visible upon some steep and narrow gable. No sound of domestic industry, or domestic festivity, was heard, and no ray of candle or firelight glanced from the windows of the houses ; the ancient ordinance called the curfew, which the Conqueror had introduced into England, was at this time in full force in...
Page 101 - The knights are dust, And their good swords are rust, Their souls are with the saints, we trust.

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